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Workplace morale

Workplace morale is proven to have a direct link to any organisation’s success. This commonly overlooked factor could make or break your business.

I work for a company that has a positive environment.  Working in such an environment motivates me to do more, gives me a feeling of satisfaction and ensures greater productivity. When a workforce is motivated, it leads to greater output to the benefit of the company.

Workplace morale is key to any organisation’s success.  It creates an upward spiral, fuelling success and driving outstanding performance.  “Acknowledgement, opportunity, and training and development typically outrank remuneration in importance.” (The Best Companies to Work for in South Africa)

Good, positive workplace morale is infectious and will lead to more customers choosing your business above others.  The employees of an organization are the best advocates and ambassadors of any business, and if they are indeed happy, they treat your customers with the same lively attitude culminating into excellent customer service. If they are not happy, satisfied, or enthusiastic, they become disconnected from the company, its vision and overall strategy.  This creates “carelessness” and as they become less interested in what they do or why they do things, your customers will feel it and go find the magic elsewhere.  Management and owners of a business must be curious about what their employees think and feel.

The best companies to work for rank their human resources as their most valuable assets and their communication lines are clear and always open.  The management style in those companies also play a big role in enhancing workplace morale.  Managers who guide and encourage instead of intervening directly, create more success in their departments.  People choose to have the freedom to succeed and even – occasionally – fail. Understanding what type of culture to create goes hand in hand with creating a company that people aspire to work for. 

For these reasons successful companies have a well thought out, unique culture, that is nurtured and intentionally grown over years and goes beyond mere performance and rewards – they are “living” value systems with which staff can identify.

Vision Africa can help you better understand your employees and how well they understand your business’ strategy and goals.  We can answer your questions on where you should prioritize your efforts that will create a high-performance organization everyone wants to work for, and where your customers want to come and spend their money with.

You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” – Jim Stovall.

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