MediaMetrics™ is aimed at all stakeholders with an interest in media penetration, media consumption and media preferences in Namibia. It is a private sector initiative tracking study, set up to meet the needs of private organisations within Namibia. Running for the 9th consecutive year, MediaMetrics™ has become the de facto standard for media consumption and awareness in Namibia.

MediaMetrics™ was developed to provide organisations with affordable, reliable and accurate information about target audiences’ viewing, listening and reading habits and preferences.

It also includes other measurements related to brand awareness and communication.

MediaMetrics™ survey content

The following is included in MediaMetrics™ servey:

• Demographics
• Radio station awareness & listenership
• Television channel awareness & viewership
• Printed media awareness & readership
• Cell phone usage & Internet activity (including social media)
• Outdoor media & advertisement recall
• Brand awareness
• Sport activities (interest, attendance and participation)
• Music preference

MediaMetrics™ scheduling

The MediaMetrics™ surveys are structured in a 3-phase seclude:

• Planning & preparation: 2 months
• Fieldwork: 2 months
• Data analysis & reporting: 1 month

Interview methodology

• Face-to-face interviews -data captured on tablets
• Interview duration 60-90 minutes
• Fieldwork period approx. 12 weeks (end July to end October 2016)
• Interviewer teams supervised by field managers
• 20% back-check of surveys
• accompanied interviews, personal and telephonic back-checks)

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