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Many companies are grappling with the restrictions and limitations created by the Covid-19 pandemic. This may have brought the proverbial standstill for the business world, but this is also a great time to be communicating with clients. Not only to reassure and remind them that the business is still there; also this is a great time
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For a business to remain competitive and make informed decisions about its product pricing or the business’ pricing strategy, it needs information. It needs insight and understanding of its competitors' strategies and activities out there. A starting point in gaining that information and understanding would be benchmarking your prices against competitors by means of a
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Workplace morale is proven to have a direct link to any organisation’s success. This commonly overlooked factor could make or break your business. I work for a company that has a positive environment.  Working in such an environment motivates me to do more, gives me a feeling of satisfaction and ensures greater productivity. When a workforce
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