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We do market research; we provide meaningful insights that inspire change.
We help you, the business leader, understand what your customers, employees and stakeholders are thinking, so you can shape your business strategy for future success.

How we do it

Business Reputation Surveys

A Business reputation study is a 360° view of your business through the eyes of its stakeholders. It evaluates various components of the business such as the financial performance of the company, the management, the staff, the products and services and communication.

Retail Audits

Retail audits encompass the tracking of product information such as prices, availability of stock, in-store advertising, in-store promotions and estimated sales volumes.

Brand Performance

Tracking on a regular basis, companies need to understand consumer perception and attitudes toward their brand(s). This will indicate to you whether the brand positioning is still in line with your strategy. Through this survey you will understand which aspects of your brand experience matter most to people when they make buying decisions.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping gathers specific information from the customer’s perspective about your business, such as availability of products and services as well as the customer service experienced. Mystery shoppers can perform various tasks to demonstrate how your customers are treated.

Employee Opinion Survey

Understanding employees can go a long way in reaching business objectives while keeping customers satisfied. With an Employee Opinion Survey you will understand the underlying motivators that drive employee behaviour and satisfaction.

Packaging Testing

The main aim is to evaluate whether the packaging of your product reflects what is inside and to ensure that it attracts your target consumer.

Advertising Pre -Testing

Pre-testing, also known as copy testing is a form of research that can help any business predict in-market performance of an advertisement, before it airs. Pre-testing analyses audience levels of attention, how they link the advert to your brand, audience motivation to act on the message, the entertainment factor, and also what the advert communicates.

Social Research

Social research is about gathering perceptions of citizens and other stakeholders, about topics of importance to our society.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The objective of a customer satisfaction survey is to get to know your customer better than you ever thought possible. We will obtain customer feedback that gives you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each customer touchpoint and how to improve the overall customer experience.

Product Testing

Product tests aim to provide manufacturers with feedback on how their product is being perceived and used by consumers and whether the product performance meets, or for that matter, exceeds consumer expectation. It looks at different aspects of the product to identify areas of improvement.

For Media Planners

Media Metrics

MediaMetrics™ is a Vision Africa product that has  become the de facto  standard for media consumption and awareness in Namibia. We measure the reading, viewing and listening habits of Namibians to help you make better marketing decisions on where and how to advertise your business, product or service.

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