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The value of price audits

The value of price audits For a business to remain competitive and make informed decisions about its product pricing or the business’ pricing strategy, it needs information. It needs insight and understanding of its competitors’ strategies and activities out there. A starting point in gaining that information and understanding would be benchmarking your prices against

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Workplace morale

Workplace morale Workplace morale is proven to have a direct link to any organisation’s success. This commonly overlooked factor could make or break your business. I work for a company that has a positive environment.  Working in such an environment motivates me to do more, gives me a feeling of satisfaction and ensures greater productivity.

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Professional Responsibility in Research

Professional Responsibility in Research Due to the fact that participating in market research will always be voluntary, the business community must remain mindful of certain key factors. The Business Dictionary defines professional responsibility as the “Legal and moral duty of a professional to apply his or her knowledge in ways that benefit his or her client, and

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Caring about your reputation

Caring about your reputation Do you know how your customers perceive your brand and does it reflect your real brand identity? When your brand feels real, your customers will almost definitely come back for more… The key to Corporate Authenticity A company’s positive preach in their mission statement or slogan is not enough anymore.  Today’s

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